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No matter how you say it, online take-out orders translate into business

WebInvent's OrderManager is the industry's most comprehensive online food ordering system. Its capacities include real-time order monitoring, group ordering, advance ordering and much more. Clients can change their menus and other account settings themselves.
Signing up for OrderManager is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  • Are you ready to reduce your operating costs and increase the revenue of your restaurant or catering service?

    Sign Up for OrderManager and start processing online take-out orders today! Take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee!
  • We've designed OrderManager to be as easy as possible to configure. You can be up and running within 24 hours!

    As part of the $249.95 setup fee, we will enter your menu into the system.
  • The OrderManager interface will automatically and instantaneously alert your staff to all incoming orders.

    We leave the food preparation and customer service up to the experts ... you!
  • Benefits:

    • Customers can order for groups of people. Catering becomes a breeze.
    • With one click, your customers can pull up and repurchase past orders.
    • Businesses and customers can make large orders in advance.
    • We can provide online discount coupons to attract new customers to your website.
    • No more faulty addresses or wrong salad dressings, OrderManager is automated and accurate.
    • We can either seamlessly integrate the OrderManager into your website, design a new website for you (at a great packaged rate) or simply set up your ordering system online.
  • Why choose OrderManager:

    • We charge a flat monthly fee (149.95 USD) whereas other ordering companies generally charge you 10 to 15% of your transactions.
    • We integrate OrderManager within your website whereas other companies host your ordering page on their website.
    • OrderManager processes orders instantaneously via computer system (no snail fax).
    • With our marketing accessories, you can use OrderManager to attract new customers.

* Prices displayed are our discounted rate after term pre-payment. Certain plans require semi-annual or annual pre-payment to receive fully discounted rates. Please see Terms of Service for full details.